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Medical Device Marketing Services

We specialize in helping medical device manufacturers reach new customer and market segments which they cannot reach today.  In most cases, we find that is simply a matter of time and attention, where with the right partner, there is no reason that your current products cannot be highly successful in a new market segment.


Our expertise lies in advising you on how to generate new revenue with the products you have today.  Our focus is in the alternate care and small hospital markets, segments often overlooked by manufacturers simply because a strategy to cost-effectively penetrate these markets has not been developed.


We can make your company successful in these markets, generating additional and profitable revenue.


We can develop a complete sales and marketing plan.  But unlike other consultants we can also execute.  We have a wide, long-standing network of independent sales reps and regional dealers in all alternate care segments.  These reps and dealers in turn have tremendous relationships with the end customer and are usually the “first call” of customers looking for products and solutions.


We can provide strategy, business development, channel management, marketing programs, promotion and other marketing services, depending on your needs.  Call us today, (614-237-7742), for a free consultation or email Mas Kang at


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