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Mac Med. Stretcher PT 1000

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PT 1000 / PT 1000-29 / PT 1000-31

Standard Features:

8” Tente total/directional locking casters.  Brake steer pedals all 4 corners.  Single cylinder Fowler assist.  Dual pedestal lift mechanism.  Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg.  Lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides.  Fold forward side rails with built in push handles.  4” standard mattress.  2 hook removable telescopic I.V. pole.  I.V. pole sockets at all corners.  O2 storage underneath.

Optional Features: Fold down push handles.  Manual knee gatch.  Manual Fowler 29” or 31” wide patient surface. 

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: Overall: 83” long x 31” wide
Patient surface: 75” long x 26” wide
PT1000-29 Wide Version:
Overall: 83” long x 34” wide
Patient surface: 75” long x 29” wide
PT1000-31 Extra Wide:
Overall: 83” long x 36” wide
Patient surface: 75” long x 31” wide Equipped with dual fowler assist
Height Adjustment Range: Minimum 23” Maximum 35”
Litter Positioning: Trend/reverse trend: +/- 18 degrees Fowler position: 90 degrees I.V. attachment sockets: 4 Weight capacity: 550 pounds


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