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Laryengeal Mask Airway

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LarySeal Clear

LarySeal Clear is a single patient use PVC laryngeal mask airway, engineered using extra soft matt textured materials to replicate as closely as possible that of silicone, providing Anesthesiologists the same feel as LarySeal Blue and LarySeal Multiple.

•Medical Grade PVC
•Single Use
•Cost Effective
Crush Resistant

The main tube wall thickness reduces the risk of crushing.
Less risk of slipping or dislocation

The satin surface finish of the cuff provides a similar texture to silicon, thus providing ease of insertion while providing a secure seal
Universal  Connection

15mm M connector provides a universal connection
Cost Effective

Eliminate the need for the costly and time consuming process of cleaning and re-sterilizing.
Easy indication of the cuff pressure through

pilot balloon

Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.
Color coded pilot balloon

Ease of identification of sizing by color coded pilot balloons.


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