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Brite Blade

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BriteBlade Pro

BrtieBlade Pro is a 100% metal disposable fiber optic blade designed for single patient use which eliminates the risk of cross contamination from both blade and handle. It has a unique hinge design that prevents the folded blade from touching the handle. 

Enhanced Vision

Bright, focused high intensity illumination.
Supplied Sterile

Single-use individually packed pre-sterilized blade.
Eliminate Risk of Cross-Contamination

Blade stop design in folded position prevents the blade from touching and transferring contaminants to the handle.
Confidence and Control

100% metal construction matches the proven reusable blade characteristics.
Reduced Risk of Damaging Patient Teeth

Low profile design on both Mac and Miller laryngoscope blades.
Wide Choice

Full range of Mac and Miller blades with a lower overall cost than reusable purchase, maintance, cleaning and sterilization costs.
As per BriteBlade, BriteBlade Pro shares the same features and benefits but in a metal blade form. Flexicare uses a special finish on the surface of all of the BriteBlade Pro range. Flexi-coating is an electrolytic process which increases the density of the surface layers of the blade. The process changes the microscopic texture of the blade, enhancing the smoothness of the outer coating.


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