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ComPACS is a complete multi-modality image management and reporting system designed to exploit advanced technologies to provide efficient and integrated viewing, archiving, analysis and reporting for the cardiology practice.

ComPACS is the result of MediMatic’s years of experience and close attention to physicians’ needs and workflow. A powerful but simple user interface allows you to quickly and intuitively access the functions you need.

As a vendor neutral solution, ComPACS accepts images from any DICOM compliant acquisition device or from digitized video sources, leaving the institution free to select the device that best meets its needs.

Fully integrated and advanced analysis packages are available for various modalities allowing complete analysis and reporting from a single workstation and a uniform user interface.

ComPACS is also an extremely scalable and comprehensive PACS solution. The system is available in various different configurations ranging from stand-alone workstations to multiple workstations connected in a LAN or over the Internet.

This scalability makes ComPACS a versatile and affordable solution ranging from small private practices to large size hospitals, allowing the system to gradually grow to meet your changing needs.


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