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Many surgical procedures use large quantities of washing fluid.  Many also drip urine, blood and other bodily fluids. The risk of slipping or falling on a wet floor is great. But now there is a solution!

DryMax is a superabsorbent single-use mat with a high absorption capacity. Despite being only a few millimeters thick the mat absorbs and can contain large quantities of fluids and also bacteria. DryMax is capable of absorbing up to 9 liters of water or 3.5 liters of saline solution. It can be placed under the operating table, at the feet of the surgical team. The mat does not leak nor does it drip as the absorbed fluids remain inside and is turned into a gel.
The result is a drier, more hygienic, safer and pleasant working environment – also meaning less time and money spent on cleaning.  Depending on the fluid absorbed, the mat can be disposed of in the usual manner. This means that the turn-around time is reduced considerably, allowing for greater surgical throughput.


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